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Agile coaching is a great solution to embed learnings from training into the team with someone who has experienced agile adoptions first hand. Our Agile coaches will focus on helping the people that they coach to be more collaborative, transparent, quality driven and value focused.

Our practical and experienced agile coaches will help your people, your teams and your programs adopt an Agile mindset through the implementation of practices and methods in their day to day work. They do it through teaching, facilitation, sharing their expertise and experience and through pure coaching.

Agile coaches uses facilitation when they are modelling the skills of an effective team facilitator, such as Scrum Master. The coach also uses facilitation when designing and facilitation workshops customized to the needs of those they are working with.

Because there is no step-by-step way to implement Agile, and because of the mindset shifts that Agile entails, Agile coaches wear their "coaching hat" as much as they can. With their coaching hat on, Agile coaches leverage the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of the people in the organization they are working with, inspiring them to apply what they learn about Agile to solve the problems specific to their organization in an Agile way thus helping teams to develop theirs own Agile Way of Working.

Our agile coaches take a consultative approach to every client engagement and find actionable solutions that will help your team develop high quality software solution.

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