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On their digital transformation journey, companies are implementing projects that include the application of ready-made packaged software solutions, upgrading existing, or developing completely new ones from the beginning. These are mostly very complex projects that carry a large number of risks that need to be properly addressed. The key step toward successful implementation is empowered development teams trained to deliver quality solutions.

By hiring an agile project manager before the start of project implementation, you increase the objectivity and efficiency of the planning process. An experienced agile project manager can help in eliciting and documenting project requirements, defining the scope of work as well as in selecting an IT partner. He can also help in setting up an adequate project structure and take on an appropriate role in the development project such as the role of Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Leader, Delivery Manager, etc.

Our consultants are experts in Agile frameworks and traditional project management techniques so they can help companies providing step-by-step plan for project inception, implementation and transition. They already have successfully implemented a large number of complex projects. In addition, they are certified to apply the Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org) recommendations and best practices. They are ready to help your teams successfully implement projects from the digital transformation portfolio.

Our agile coaches take a consultative approach to every client engagement and find actionable solutions that will help your team develop high quality software solution.

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