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Our collaboration begins with a conversation in which we listen to your experiences, try to understand the challenges, opportunities and the overall context in which the team develops a software solution. The development of a software solution can be an upgrade of the existing, ie the development of completely new software or the implementation of a ready-made packaged solution in the organization on the path of digital transformation.

If necessary, after our conversation, we will arrange and hold a "discovery workshop" to jointly identify the causes of the current and future goals. In this way, we will determine your real business needs based on which we can propose and adjust the appropriate solution.


Based on the results of the previous step, we create a solution proposal in the form of activities that need to be carried out in a certain period. The planned activities are from the scope of our training, consulting, and Agile Coaching services.

The proposed solution created in this way enables a structured approach to the activities we carry out to achieve a common goal. Although the development teams represent separate complex systems, the implementation of the plan is flexible in the way of its adaptation depending on the feedback we receive during implementation.


The proposed action plan is implemented immediately after it is agreed upon and approved. Implementing the planned activities in this way allows us to periodically evaluate the results achieved and possibly proceed to the next phase or adapt the plan according to the observed feedback.

Our agile coaches take a consultative approach to every client engagement and find actionable solutions that will help your team develop high quality software solution.

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