We had the pleasure of holding a short lecture on the topic of formation, management and development of the “Agile Dream Team” in the organization with CosmoHub last week.

It was with great pleasure that we exchanged experiences with those present, mostly team leaders in large software companies. We asked ourselves if there is a similarity between the top basketball and software teams from the aspect of the ,,players” positions, the role of the coach and the management of the team. The example of Scottie Pippen, as the lowest paid and at the same time one of the best players in the League, we simply could not ignore.

We have presented the characteristics of top teams as well as their uniqueness in terms of culture, practice and collaboration tools they use in their work. We tried to demystify the term “team culture”, and we believe that we succeeded. We suggested the use of appropriate framework and techniques for team formation and development. We also looked at the key traits of ideal team players as well as the factors that motivate us to be the best version of ourselves. We have presented all of the above on examples of projects from real life.

Judging by the feedback, the lecture was very good and useful. We also received valuable feedback that will help us prepare the next seminar on “Agile Dream Team”.

Thank you to everyone for participating and organizing this great event!